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Jose Gaspar will soon release bottles containing treasures maps in the Tampa Bay Area. Find a bottle, locate the treasure and collect $100.00!

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Each year, the 165 foot pirate ship "The Jose Gasparilla" enters Tampa Bay and its crew invades the city. Nearly half a million people view the invasion andaccompanying parade which moves along Bayshore Boulevard. With the beads and thousands of party-goers, many people consider Gasparilla to be Tampa's equivalent of Mardi Gras.

The pirate festival has been held for over 100 years and attracts visitors from all over the world. The festivities actually occur over many weeks. The week prior to the invasion is when the Gasparilla Children's Parade is held (along a similar, but shorter route). Three weeks after Pirate Fest, the annual Sant' Yago Knight Parade is held in Ybor City.

Many other "Gasparilla" themed events take place, including the Distance Classic and the Gasparilla Arts Festival.

Official Web Sites:

Official Gasparilla Pirate Fest Site

TBO.Com's Gasparilla Site

Krewe of the Knights of Sant' Yago

Gasparilla Distance Classic

Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

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Gasparilla Pirate Fest - Gasparillafest

Tampa's Biggest Annual Blowout - The Gasparilla Pirate Fest!

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The Legend of Gasparilla - Jose Gaspar

Jose Gaspar and the Gasparilla Story

Learn more about the man, the myth, and the legend of Jose Gaspar

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