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Early in 2001, Jose Gaspar & Crew became among the earliest of the geocachers in the Tampa Bay area.  Geocaching is an outdoor adventure sport that combines high-tech gadgets and treasure hunting.  You can either seek treasures (called caches) or hide treasures for others to find.

The Jose Gaspar Crew specialized in hiding large caches and creating challenging adventures games revolving around a particular theme.

Three years, three major games and sixteen hidden treasure caches later, the Jose Gaspar Crew has retired from geocaching to pursue other treasure-hiding activities.

You are reading content from the original site of Jose Gaspar, The Geocaching Pirate.  Except for these few paragraphs and some minor changes, it is the original site, stored for archival purposes.  It's like a web site within the main Jose Gaspar site. You can tell you're on the old site because of the parchment-colored background on each page. 

While there are no currently active geocaching games, feel free to explore the site.  There's lot's of good material in here...

If you get lost, or need to get back to the main site, just go to

On to the original material...

Jose Gaspar Adventure Games! 

High Adventure!  Large Caches!  Valuable Prizes!

Jose Gaspar caches are professionally prepared, high-quality geocaching games.  Click on the links below to see our past games...

Treasure Trove Game
Real Gold Coin Game
Get-A-Clue Game

What Geocachers Say About Jose Gaspar Geocaching Games...

Jose, without a doubt I have more fun working on your caches than any others!!  Where do you come up with all of this stuff?
   - TBBuck (CSI-Tampa Cache)
As expected, a superlative cache and the materials were prepared with much professionalism and attention to detail.
   - Infosponge (The Pharaoh's Curse Cache)
Another great cache - the Gaspar Crew has sure spoiled us.  Normal everyday caches just don't measure up.  Keep up the great work.
   - CooperMini & HD Rider (The Creeper Cache)
Excellent! Bravo!  This was truly a 10 as far as multi-caches go.  It was fun, well put together, very accurate and I saw all of the things it said I would see.  I highly recommend this hunt to anyone in the area or even 10 miles away.  It's worth the drive.  This guy should charge to set up caches like this.  Thanks for the great hunt!
   - Schredly (For Whom The Bell Tolls Cache)
I've learned quickly that you don't try a Jose Gaspar until you've done your homework.  These are not walk out the door and do caches.  But the increased thought that goes into them is a welcomed addition to the geocaching experience.  Thanks for this find!
   - Photo Trekabout (The Pharaoh's Curse Cache)
The Jose Gaspar series of caches are truly on my all time favorites list!  I had a blast on every cache I did.  Thanks again, Jose.
- Team Shuey (Get-A-Clue Cache)
Doing this cache is like having dessert after a gourmet meal.  The whole Get-A-Clue idea was a lot of fun.  Thanks for the fun and your time and effort on this game.
   - CacheStan & TexasJ (Get-A-Clue Cache)
Had a blast with this series...  Thanks again for putting these together.  I admire your thoughtfulness/responsibility, adventure and creativity in putting these together.  I believe you have raised the bar in the level of caching.
  - The4Bees (Get-A-Clue Cache)
These are the best researched, best set-up caches I have ever done.  Two thumbs up, Jose!
- Eagle Dad (The Creeper Cache)
You put a lot of work into this one Gaspar.  This is another cache that once you complete it you feel proud of yourself.  Thanks for the fun!
- Bugchaser (CSI-Tampa Cache)
Another excellent Gaspar Cache!  This was a long but interesting trek.  Where does Jose come up with these locations?
- Team Gamzu (CSI-Tampa Cache)
Thanks for the excellent cache!  The amount of time and preparation you put into this really shines through and raises the bar for the rest of us.
   - Infosponge (For Whom The Bell Tolls Cache)
The hunters of The Creeper will be rewarded by another tremendous hide by Jose Gaspar.  These caches are so far superior to the obligatory park & grabs that have been so prevalent in the last several months.
   -Scrapman & GaPatch21 (The Creeper Cache)


Attention Pirates, Swashbucklers, Seadogs & Buccaneers!  
Good with a cutlass?  Own your own parrot & eyepatch?  This could be the opportunity for you!  The Jose Gaspar Crew has immediate openings in our Pillage & Plunder department.  We offer profit sharing and a 401K (Doubloons matched by employer).  Rapid advancement in Piratical Management for those willing to travel.  Other perks include: Free Grog and Casual Fridays.  Qualified Personnel should apply in person to Cap'n Jose Gaspar at The Olde Barnacle & Bilgewater  Tavern.  JG&C, an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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