"Get A Clue" Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is this game different from a typical geocache?

A.  The game shares many similarities, but there are also some important differences.  The best way to look at the game is as a series of caches that share a common theme.  Each cache in the series works perfectly well as a typical, standard geocache that you are already familiar with.  However, for our games, we combine a group of caches together, include some common elements,  then provide a unique theme.  Now we get an interesting geocaching game wrapped around a series of standalone caches.  People who visit each cache, gather the clues and solve the puzzle are given the coordinates to a special, final cache location.  The Jose Gaspar Crew created a similar type of game in 2001, The Real Gold Coin Treasure game.

Q. When Does The Game End?

A.  The last day is Sunday, August 3, 2003.  All reports for any cache associated with the Get-A-Clue game must be posted to the Geocaching.com site by 11:59 PM EST on August 3rd in order to qualify for any prizes. 

Q. So I don't need to play the game to be able to find the individual caches?

A.  No.  Each cache is a separate, standalone cache in its own right. You may find them without playing the "Get A Clue" game.

Q.  I've never played Clue, the board game before.  What is the concept?  What's the goal?  What should I do?  Can you help me?

A.  Sure!  See our About Clue - The Rules page for details about the board game.  Then come back here.  Things will make more sense to you then.

Q.  So what clues should I look for in the five caches?

A.  Clue is a detective game of deducing answers based upon the elimination of possible choices.  You start with a six suspects, six weapons and nine rooms.  In each cache, you will find a large, 8"x11" laminated card.  On one side of the card is are instructions for non-geocachers who may have found the cache by accident.  The other side of the card is the important one for you.  It lists one suspect, one weapon and one room.  It also contains a Cache Code.  Write down all of this information (including the Cache Code) before leaving the cache site.  If, for some reason, you can't find the clue card, the same information has also been written on the cover of the logbook in the cache.

Q. Who are the suspects? The weapons?  The rooms?

A. See the links below.  (They display images which may take some time to display.  Please be patient.  They're worth the wait.)

Q.  OK, so I've found the cache and now I have information about one suspect, weapon and room (plus the Cache Code).  What does that mean?

A.  It means that you can start eliminating choices.  For example, if the cache reveals clues to Col. Mustard, the Knife, and the Ballroom it means that Col. Mustard did not kill Mr. Boddy, the knife was not the murder weapon, and the crime did not take place in the Ballroom.  You can eliminate all of these choices.  Somebody else must have committed the murder with a different weapon in a different location.  To keep track of your eliminations, you choose to use our Clue Sheet.  Visit all the caches and you will have eliminated all options except for the final, correct solution.

Q.  Whoa!  Hold up, Jose!  Let's see...Five Caches...Six Suspects...Six Weapons.  OK, I can see how starting with six and eliminating five leaves me with the obvious choice.  But what about the room?  There are nine rooms, but only five room clues in the caches.  That leaves four unaccounted for, right?

A.  Nice powers of observation, Sherlock.  :-)  You're right.  Visiting the caches just provides you with two thirds of the final solution.  Clues to eliminate three of the four remaining rooms are scattered throughout this web site and in the general area of some cache locations.  Also, you may receive a clue via e-mail (which is why we ask you to provide us with your e-mail address when you register).

Q.  OK, I think I know the complete answer to the game.  How do I tell you what the solution is?

A.  Go to our Accusation page.  Enter in the information and press the "Submit" button.  You'll be told instantly if your solution is correct.

Q.  So what's with the Cache Codes?

A.  They are a simple gimmick to counter a problem in today's age of information technology.  Simply put, they help keep the game honest.  Since a person is entering their solution online, it would be easy for some of our more computer-literate geocachers to write a program that would programmatically try every possible combination of suspect, weapon and room until they hit the correct solution.  Having the Cache Codes makes that task much, much harder.  The Cache Codes verify that the geocacher actually went to the geocache site and completed the game fairly.

Q.  So you're giving prizes to the first 10 winners, huh?  How do I qualify to win?

A.  Yup, the Crew is giving away prizes totaling more than $100 to the first 10 registered teams that can correctly identify the suspect, weapon and room, then visit the final cache and log their visit on the Geocaching.com website before the August 3rd deadline. The visit will be verified before a prize can be awarded.  In addition, the first 20 teams will receive official Jose Gaspar Certificates.  It is important to note that the prizes are awarded to "teams".  If you are a solo geocacher then you are your own team.  But if you geocache in groups, that constitutes one team.  A prize goes to a "team", not a person.  So if there are four people on your team and you solve the crime, then your team is eligible to choose only one item from the prize list (not four).  You can fight amongst yourselves to see who physically gets the prize.  :-)

There are a few additional, but simple rules to be eligible for the prizes.

  1. Your team must register to play the game, providing the Crew with a team name and e-mail address.
  2. You can register at any time before submitting your solution.  You don't have to register before looking for (or finding) any of the caches.
  3. There is no limit to the number of solutions that you may submit.  If you fail, keep trying.  You won't be penalized.
  4. You must visit each cache.  Proof of your visit is the log entry that you enter on the appropriate cache page at the Geocaching.com site.
  5. Once you have received online confirmation that your solution is correct, you will receive the coordinates to the final cache.  Go find that cache.  A cache code word will be prominently displayed inside the cache.  It will be on a large laminated sheet inside the cache and also on the cover of the log book.  You will be asked to supply the cache code via e-mail after you post your find to the Geocaching.com web site.  Incorrect responses will cause you post to be deleted.  You will be ineligible for prizes until you supply the correct cache code. 
  6. Upon finding the cache, log your visit on the Geocaching.com site. 
  7. Distribution and choice of prizes will be determined by the order in which visits were logged at the "Get A Clue" cache page on the Geocaching.com site.
  8. All postings to the Geocaching.com site for any cache in the Get-A-Clue game must be made no later than 11:59 PM EST on August 3, 2003.
  9. That's it.  Play fair. Have fun.  Remember to "Cache In, Trash Out" while playing the game.

Q. What are you going to do with my e-mail address?  Spam me?

A. Spammers are pretty low on the evolutionary scale as far as the Jose Gaspar Crew is concerned.  We throw the scalawags overboard whenever we find one.  Oddly enough, even the sharks find them distasteful.

The Crew promises never to spam you or give, sell or in any way distribute your e-mail address to anyone else.  The address provided is solely for use with this game and to communicate details about upcoming geocaches that the Crew will hide.

If you want your e-mail address removed from our list at any time, simply send us an e-mail telling us to do so.  We will do it immediately.  We respect your right to not receive unwanted e-mail.

Q. I've won one of the top ten prizes!  How do I get it?  Is it in the final cache?

A. No, the prize is not in the cache.  We can get the prize to you in a variety of ways.  Most typically, we can meet at a mutually convenient time and location and the prize will be given to you personally by Jose & Crew.  Depending upon the location, Jose may even buy you a cup of grog (or coffee, if that is your preferred poison).  We'll toss back a few and regal ourselves with tales of geocaching lore.  If that doesn't suit you, other arrangements can be made.  You can pick it up, we could drop it off, or we might be able to mail it to you.

If you don't win one of the top ten prizes, but do qualify for the official Jose Gaspar Certificate, we can either meet or mail it to you. 

Q. What are the caches associated with the "Get A Clue" game?

A. There are a total of six caches that make up the "Get A Clue" game - five standalone caches and then a sixth, final, master cache. In order to get the coordinates to the master cache, you will need to visit each of the other five sites first.  The six caches in the game are:



Get A Clue The Master Geocache Site
Clues left at the other five sites (listed below) will help you deduce the solution to the game and the location of this cache.  You must visit the other sites before you can get the location of this last cache.
For Whom The Bell Tolls Warm-Up Cache
Introduces you to the new tools and props used in the other caches – including GeoTins, GeoFlags, GeoStakes, GeoCards and GeoTags.
The Pharaoh’s Curse Orienteering Cache
Get out your map and compass to help solve a mystery of ancient Egypt.
The Creeper Where Myth Meets Reality
A visit to a cemetery starts this cache. Plus it introduces you to Tampa’s own real-life monster.
CSI – Tampa Forensic Detective
An interactive web-based multimedia cache.  Use your Crime Scene Investigation skills to determine the location of this cache.
The Pirate's Picnic Treasure Hunt
The first thing you must do is find the real treasure map.  Take it with you as you travel to find the cache.

Q.  Do I have to complete the caches in any particular order?

A.  No. The order isn't important.  However we do suggest that you start with the "For Whom The Bell Tolls" cache.  In that cache, the Crew introduces you to new props & tools that are also used at various places in the other caches.  The "For Whom The Bell Tolls" cache is a relatively easy-to-find cache that will familiarize you with the techniques that will help you find the other, tougher caches.  It is recommended, but certainly not required.

Q.  I still have questions, but you didn't answer them here.  What do I do?

A.  Send e-mail to Jose.  He'll answer any general questions about the game - but won't give you any hints.  You're on your own to solve the game.

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