("Adventure Galley" was the pirate ship of Capt. William Kidd)

Jose Gaspar's "Adventure Galley" Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 28° 05.215 W 082° 20.898 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/4/2001
Use Waypoint: GC14F3 (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

This county park site contains both elevations and primal forests. You must visit multiple clue sites within the park to get the coordinates for the cache.

Park your car at the above waypoint location. This will be near where your trek out of the woods will end. Your journey will end here, but not begin here. From this waypoint, you should see a very long, very straight trail (wide enough to drive a car through). You’ll go there eventually, but not yet. First, turn 180° and walk across the parking lot. You will see the entrance to a boardwalk. You adventure begins here.

Take the boardwalk to:

N28° 05.244’
W82° 20.837

This is vista overlooking the water. Admire the view. Count the number of benches and write it here:__________

Continue down the boardwalk to:

N28° 05.274’
W82° 20.871

You’ll encounter another beautiful view. Record the number of benches here:_________

Sit on one of the benches and figure out the coordinates to the final cache now. You need to fill in the blanks:

Lat - N28° 05._ _ _’
Long - W82° 20._ _ _

Add up the two numbers and multiple the sum by 100. This is your base number. For the latitude, subtract 560 from the base number. (Put a leading zero in front of the answer to give yourself 3 digits). For the longitude, add 317 to the base number. Fill in the appropriate blanks, and you have the coordinates to the final cache.

After finishing your calculations, continue along the boardwalk until it loops back to parking lot. Return to the original waypoint site (the one by the long, straight, wide trail) at:

N28° 05.215’
W82° 20.898’


Now it is decision time. You have two ways to get to the cache site. The first is the short way, down the long, straight trail. The second way is via a trail at the back of a pavilion to the left of where you are standing at:

N28° 05.195’
W82° 20.868’

Actually, there are two trails, side-by-side at this location. You want the trail on the left.

Here’s the decision – both the long, straight trail and the trail behind the pavilion are connected (they are just the ends of a big loop). Either trail will bring you to the cache site. The cache is MUCH closer down the long, straight trail. If you are already hot and tired, take this trail.

The pavilion trail will take you on a long walk through some of the most primal wilderness Jose has seen in Florida. It must have looked like this when the dinosaurs roamed the continent. You really should take this trail if you have the time. But be forewarned – it can be hot and extremely buggy in a few places. Take copious amounts of water and bug spray if you are going to attempt this trail.

If you decide to take the shorter route, you can reach the cache then come back the same way up the long, straight trail to the parking lot. The choice is yours.

Here’s some information about the cache site. Unlike most sites in Florida, this one is elevated. When you get to the waypoint coordinates, you’ll see what we mean. To get to the cache, you will be climbing 25-30 feet up a STEEP incline (and we’re not talking stairs, here folks). Kids will love this climb. If you are not reasonably agile or are vertically-challenged, skip this cache entirely. Also, keep a close eye on the kids and don’t let them get too close to the edges once on top. There are no handrails.

The cache is a large, Tupperware-like container slightly hidden within arm’s reach in the clearing There are thorny bushes in the area, so tread carefully. You may want to consider wearing pants to this site.

After reaching the cache, carefully descend the hill. Again, if you are not agile with a reasonable sense of balance, DO NOT attempt this climb. Use your head. No cache is worth breaking a leg (or worse) over.

Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 23 by brewmeister_us
Found it! Smelly, myself & Kiddie found this one this afternoon. Nice place! One of the two that we found today. Saw a small gator (2 ft - neat!) on the boardwalk... also lots of ants (ouch!) at the second set of benches. My GPS was off a bit at the top of the hill but we found it... Took wooden massage guy & Jesus pin and left Bucs Travel Coffee Mug & nail apron. Thanks for another great cache! On on! Brewmeister (Hops), Smelly & Kiddie

 September 8 by BeaSSt
This was one of the easiest Jose Gaspar caches so far. The Emap gave us a little trouble while on the boardwalk, under the trees. I've downloaded new firmware for it, I was at 2.04 and they had 2.71 available. There were at least two upgrades concerning low signal strength issues, we'll see if it's any better tomorrow. Some of the team have been to this park while kyaking but never went the other direction. Found the hill without problems. Climbing it was no problem, there had been recent rains so the sand on the trail was firmly packed but not slippery. Found the biggest, nastiest biting ants on top. We took a maze puzzle and left a yo-yo.

 August 26 by hinkle
Enjoyed climbing the hill. Great hiding spot. This was our daughters favorite cache so far, though they were a little nervous coming down. Second cache of four found today.

 August 25 by Surfboar
Found this interesting cache today.... a long day of Jose cache hunting...LOL

Note..... it appears that someone stumbled across the cache. Surprisingly, they left a note in the log saying that they took a bunch of stuff and left nothing. Everything was out of the bags..... so I cleaned it up best I could, put stuff back into the zip locks and re hid it about 10 feet from where I found it. Not enough to change the coordinates, but enough so that it isn't visible from the grassy knoll

Oh.... I took a crystal necklace and left an Amber Boy fishing lure.



 August 18 by Scrapman
Found the cache at 8:55 a.m. today.. Cache is in good shape. No sign of leakage from the rains we have had... Cache is almost full, suggest future cacher's bring small items... It was hot and the bugs started getting nasty even with bug spray on. Pokey ( the wife) was a big help in doing the math to solve the last coordinates.. I took some pictures and hope I can add them to this page. On the way out we did see a very small black snake on the trail..We live 3 miles from this park and never went there until today.. Nice very clean park.. Bring you bikes and canoes and enjoy the river... Scrapman

Top View
Gaspar's Gulley
Looking down from cache
Gaspar's cache
no you can't see the lid number
 August 11 by gbritton
Found this cache at about 2:30PM. Nice park that I never knew existed. Great hiding place and nice view from the cache location. A little biggy right now though. Take the spray with you!

 August 11 by lance303
Second stop (and fourth) of the day. Found the cache at 12:40 and we had to come back at 2:15 because I forgot to write the number down. Another great park that I knew nothing about - none of the maps I had showed anything either. Another great cache, Jose!
Took travel dollar and cracking balls, left koosh ball.
Mo & Lance.

 August 9 by faithwalker
We hiked through a steady rain for this one but it was great. We enjoyed the time out together and the short climb was easy enough for this old man.DaMama found the cache and we took the frogs and left a glass necklace and bat and signed the log and went on to the next. These are all really great places. Thanks for gettin us out in the park. ...Cache Responsable and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker and DaMama...

Geocacher's Logs for the "Adventure Galley" Cache

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