Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.


Light rain, nice cache.  nice walk.  found easily. on to the next.

took: Buttons + smiley man
left: pool-bat-cross + glass bear necklace.

...faithwalker + DaMama...

hard to write in the rain.

8/11/01  12:39 pm

Great Park!  Didn't know it was here.  Nice walk.  A little warm today, though.  We left the traveling $100 bill and koosh ball.  We took the crackling balls and the $100 traveling bill.  

Thanks, Jose!

Mo & Lance


Gregg was here.  Great location!!

8/11/01 2:25 pm

Forgot to get the # last time!  :-(
Got it now.


8/18/01  8:55 am

Scrapman + Pokey
Hot today + buggy.


8/27/01  9:15 am

Beautiful Day - me + the POG "Smokey" found "treasure" - cool idea. 

Took Petut*** fishing line, electrical tape, f***** clea**, Didn't have nothing to put back - but will bring


8/25/01  5:30 pm

Surfboar on #4
Found it....Nice climb


8/26/01  2:40 pm

Neat hike - great to find an actual "hill" in Florida.  Took tattoos, web doll + kooshes.  Left flashlight, maze games + pack of pens.



End of August 2001 Sunday
Found the geo cache.  Remarkable find!  Buried Treasure!
Took a ball for the white one.  Will bring back something in return next visit.

Kyle & Jake


Found cache.  Really cool. Kids liked it.  3 & 5 years.  Will be back to replenish.

Tyson, Emily, Kyle

8/26/01 7:45 pm

Found by accident.
What the heck is all this stuff.
I did not take, and did not leave anything.

P.S. Found to be interesting.



9/8/01 6:00 pm

Found by 3  BeaSSt

#4 of 8 pack.  2nd today.  WOW watch out for the Red Ants!!
Great vista.
Took maze + left yoyo.  Looked forward to finding cliff in Trout Creek.


9/8/01  7:35 am

Finally made it back.  Me and dog "Smokey".  Left Se*en** pro**, Breakfast Grapevine - Beautiful day.

Jim & Smokey


Found it!  Nice walk.  Saw a small gator on the boardwalk.  Hot today!  Took Jesus pin & wooden massager.  Left Bucs coffee cup & nail apron.  Nice hill - I couldn't imagine a hill in someplace so flat.
Thanks for the cache!

Brewmeister (Hops), Smelly & Kiddie


Also found by accident.  Took rubber bat + left Circle K football

(signature undecipherable)

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