("King James" was the pirate ship of Capt. Howell Davis)

Jose Gaspar’s “King James” Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 27° 51.587 W 082° 37.587 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/3/2001
Use Waypoint: GC144E (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

This is cache is a wildlife preserve in a most unexpected place. 

To get here, you’ll have to visit 11 clue sites, but it is worth the trouble to find little hidden gem of a preserve. The reserve will be found at:

Lat – N27° _ _._ _ _ Long – W82° _ _._ _ _

Your job is to fill in the blanks.

You will first need to visit Weedon Island. If you’ve been to Faithwalker and DaMama’s There and Back Again (GCEBF) cache, then you’re familiar with Weedon Island. W.I. is a big place and Faithwalker took you to the Bay Trail. We’ll take you on the equally large Tower Trail, which you probably haven’t seen. We didn’t place a cache here, but you’ll need to find 11 clue sites in or near the park that will give you most of the coordinates to the real cache.

The first clue is on San Martin Blvd. heading toward the entrance to Weedon Island. On April 25, 2000 a Bayflite helicopter, returning from delivering a patient to a hospital, struck a radio antenna guy wire and crashed into the tower. The helicopter broke in two and crashed into the mangroves on Weedon Island. The occupants, a pilot, a paramedic and a nurse were all killed instantly. The coordinates at the top of the page will bring to a small monument that was placed in their memory. Visit the monument and pay your respects. While you are there, notice that an image of the helicopter is on the monument. On the fuselage is the aircraft number. Discard the “NS” and record the remaining number here:_______________. It is your first clue.

Continue toward the park entrance. On the left hand side of the road, look for the grave of a Confederate soldier, Lorenzo Ross. Record the year that Mr. Ross died here: __________

Next, as you are entering the park, record the number on the guard shack here:_______

Now that you are in the park, head for the Paul Getting Memorial Trail. This trail splits into two major trails – The Bay Trail and the Tower Trail. Take the tower trail to the observation tower. It can be found at: N27° 50.560’ W82° 36.576’ Climb to the top of the tower and face the heading of 225°. Look across the water until you see a large brown building. Record the number of skylights it has here:_____

Add up all of the numbers that you have acquired so far. Subtract 40053. Now divide the remainder by 1000 (c’mon it’s not that tough - just move the decimal point over three points to the left…). What is left is the missing number from the latitude of the final cache.

For example, the latitude of the final cache is Lat – N27° _ _._ _ _. If the number you came up with was 23.456 then the answer would be N27° 23.456’. Got it? Good, now let’s get the clues for the longitude…

Continue on the walkway until you get to: N27° 50.725’ W82° 36.558’ You’ll see a depressed portion of the handrail with a metal plate on it. On the metal plate is a number. Record it here:_________

Continue walking until you reach: N27° 50.795’ W82° 36.585’ There is a sign at the foot of the walkway. Count all of the letters in the sign (but don’t count the spaces) and record it here: _________ (The sign has 5 words – to help you make sure you’re on the right track).

Continue until you reach the ruins at: N27° 50.816’ W82° 36.532’ How many rooms did the house have? Record your answer here:___________

Nearby at: N27° 50.848’ W82° 36.526’ How many cement steps lead up into the ruins? Record your answer here:______

You are done at Weedon Island. Get back into your car and head back toward Gandy Blvd.

While you are still on San Martin Blvd and within a quarter mile of the intersection of Gandy, look to a house on the left-hand side of the road. You’ll see the name of a famous ship (and wonder why it is in someone’s front yard). Record the number of letters in the ship’s name (without the spaces) here:___________.

Make a left onto Gandy, heading west. Get in the right lane and cross 4th Street. Bear right onto Roosevelt. You are heading toward your final clue site at: N27° 52.504’ W82° 39.312’ This is the entrance to a airfield for radio-controlled aircraft. If you are lucky, the gate will be open and you may be able to persuade one of the people there to let you fly their plane. Your last clue is at the gate leading up the hill to the airfield. There are two signs on the gate. One says “Sparks” and the other has only the letter "T" and two numbers. Record the numbers here:__________

It is time to add up the numbers you gathered from the last six clues. Add 39,716 to the total and then divide the sum by 1,000. That is the last five digits of the final cache’s longitude - W82° _ _._ _ _. Plug the numbers in.

If you have found all of the clues and done all of your math correctly, you now have the coordinates to the final cache. Go to it now. It is up to you to find it. (It is not where you would expect a wildlife preserve to be.) Trust your GPS.

Take your time. Enjoy the preserve.

Additional hints can be decrypted below.

	Decryption Key:
	(letter above equals below, 
	 and vice versa)

Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)
 September 2 by brewmeister_us
Forgot to log this one... found this one over Labor Day weekend... I thought I logged it... oh well. Found this one - I was suprised - it was less than .5 mile from where I work... Took silly putty type dough and left something that I can't remember now, a week later. Thanks for the cache! Looking forward to the new caches coming up! Brewmeister (Hops) & Smelly

 September 1 by BeaSSt
Jose, you seem to be able to find the coolest places. We're well familar with Weedon Island and have been by the model airplane several times while they're flying but we had no idea this preserve even existed. Saw lots of turtles, a green heron and a cormorant followed along beside us on the floating bridge. Took a compass and left a pair of camping can openers.

 August 27 by kjh
Hello all, Took my parents to find this one, they are here from Texas and had a great time running around getting all the clues, Thanks for telling us about the Helicopter and grave, we would have drove right buy it and not learn any history in this area, thanks for including it.
I am strarting to really like these clues you have to go find instead of just finding the box the first time, it takes alittle bit of time but it well worth it. Again thanks for a great site and a great day,
Kyle, Jim, Gail

 August 25 by jerdee
Found this cache without any trouble. This was probably the most convoluted of any caches I've tried so far. I can understand why that last park exists, nice place. I left nothing and took nothing.

 August 19 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site

 August 18 by yachtman
Cacher's web site
Found it at 5:30pm on Saturday. This is our second Jose Gaspar find and what a blast. Clues were great and final coordinates were right on. Took a CD and left a tire pressure gauge. Container was a little wet since lid was not on tight but contents were nice and dry in their plastic bags. Wiped out the container thoroughly and put the lid on nice and tight before replacing it to its location.
Thanks again Jose for a great trip!
Yachtman & Physic Woman

 August 11 by Surfboar
The name makes sense now :) This was a great hunt that took me several hours. The final hint was neccesary since I think I was a digit or two off on the longitude. Lots of fun and a VERY suprising placement. Congrats Jose!! I took the travelling 100$ bill (to be placed at my next find) and the little fuzzy guy, I left a Traveler's Guide to Texas (Yee Haw!!! LOL)



 August 5 by lance303
Found it 2:15pm. Great job! We had a blast collecting all the clues. Little did we know that we would be making a second trip back to Weedon Island this weekend. Wasn't expecting a wildlife preserve to be at the cache site but we saw plenty of critters there! Great job hiding it too! Took wrench, small playing card deck, and fake hundred dollar bill. Left NASCAR and blue ring.
Mo & Lance.

 August 5 by hinkle
Great hiding place for a cache. Wonderful clues and good trip through Weedon Island. Best cache hunt yet. Took whoopie cushion & race car. Left 2 CDs and a postcard. Also left the Ben Franklin dollar that we had found in Whydah cache. Two down, six to go!

 August 5 by faithwalker
This was our first for the day. We introduced our middle daughter to Geocaching. O-intelligent-1 had a great time. She picked right up on the whole idea(duh hence the name). We took the trail to the tower and proceded from there and had a great time, another first finder. Jose you never cease to amaze me with your local knowledge. You must prowl the Tampa Bay Area just searching for undiscovered treasures. Let me in on some(LOL). We took the pickup snakes and the helicopter, we left an ink cartridge(the last one) bead dogs and glass bear necklace. Thanks for all the fun. Again we salute Jose Gaspar for his imagination and fine work. ...Cache Responsible and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker, DaMama, O-Intelligent-1 and Catwoman...


Geocacher's Logs for the "King James" Cache

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