Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.

8/5/01  7:10 pm

Too Cool!  This was the best cache find yet.  Wonderful clues and great walk through Weedon Island.  We took whoopie cushion and a race car.  Left two CDs and a postcard.


8/5/01  1:30 pm

Great bunch of clues.  Introduced our middle daughter -- O-intelligent-1 -- to caching.  We took pick up snakes and helicopter.  We left: ink cart + bead dogs + glass necklace.  Thanks for the fun.

Faithwalker, DaMama, Catwoman + O-intelligent-1

8/5/01  2:10 pm

Whew!  Great clues - we had a wonderful time finding this one!  When we found the last clue I thought "It can't be at the tower!"  But sure enough here it was!
Took wrench + mini deck of cards.
Left NASCAR car + blue ring

Lance & Mo

8/11/01  5:00 pm

Surfboar arrives...
Phew...What a hunt!
Thanks for the "small" clearing hint :-)
Left the Texas guide.  Took the little fuzzy guy.


8/18/01  Sat 5:00 pm

Yachtman is here.  Great trip, Jose.  This is #2 + am going for 6 more.  Thanks for a fun afternoon.

Yachtman & Physic Woman

8/25/01  6:10 pm

Very interesting place.  I can see why it's here, though.  Fourth cache today!  Left nothing.  Took nothing.


8/27/01  4:30 pm

Unique hiding place. Took Texas guide book because we live in Austin, TX.  Great fun following all clues.  Third cache of day.

Jim, Gail & Kyle

9/2/01  1345 hrs

Well...we found it.  To think that the cache was within 1/2 mi from where I work...
With all the clues, we had to work for this one.  Took silly putty type stuff & left clear see thru pens.
Thanks for the cache!

Brewmeister (Hops) & Smelly

9/3/01  5:30 pm

Our first of the 8-pack.  Very nice boardwalk.  Saw Gar Fish, turtles + a Green Heron. Also heard something taking off through the reeds that made one of us jump a foot - Yikes no where to go because she was on the boardwalk.  Took compass - we could have used it at the Weedon Island tower.  Left camping can openers.

BeaSSt - 3 person team.

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