("Queen Anne's Revenge" was the pirate ship of Capt. Edward "Blackbeard" Teach)

Jose Gaspar's "Queen Anne's Revenge" Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 28° 07.020 W 082° 30.333 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/4/2001
Use Waypoint: GC14EF (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

A nice county park with a large number of diverse activities in which to spend your idle time.

You’ll be taken to a number of areas in the park before being brought to the cache. This will let you see the diversity of activities and sights within the park, and will also let you pick up clues to the destination of the cache. Bring a small calculator with you.

Soon after entering in the park, you’ll come to a “T” in the road. Make a left and continue toward the coordinates noted at the top of the page. A the end of the road, you will see something that is obviously near and dear to old Jose’s pirate heart. Immediately to the left of that is a sign. Write down the zipcode on the sign here:______________

Next, backtrack in your car and head to: N28° 07.241’ W82° 30.799’ Read the sign and note the type of activity that happens here. Cool, huh? Look to the building on the left. There are stairs on the right and the left sides leading to an observation deck. Count the number of steps on the right side and put the number here:______________

Now it is time to calculate the coordinates to the cache. You’ll need to fill this in:

Lat - N28° _ _._ _ _’
Long - W82° _ _._ _ _’

Add up the two numbers you have written down so far and divide the sum by 1000. That is your base number. From this you will determine your latitude and longitude coordinates. First, the latitude. Take the base number and subtract 26.012 from it. (Put a leading zero in front to get 5 digits - i.e. 0x.xxx) For your longitude, take your base number and subtract 3.337 from it. Fill in the blanks in the coordinates.

Now that you have the right coords, get back in your car and go to: N28° 07.323’ W82° 30.217’ Park the car here. It’s time to go hiking. Pack your water and your bug spray and head down the trail. Watch for power poles. When you find one with 226 on it, you know you are heading in the right direction. Shortly after the 226 you will see the path fork. Follow the path to the right. If you see Vitas signs, you went down the wrong fork.

From here you are on your own to the cache. Enjoy the wilderness walk.

Notice the difficulty level for this cache. The terrain is easy, but you’ll be hiking a fairly long way. Bring water and pace yourself. Also bring bug spray. We also recommend that you wear long pants. Near the cache area are some thorny plants. If you walk carefully, you won’t have a problem. But if you’re the type of person who opens up an egg with a sledgehammer, then your shins will be bloody if you wear shorts on this hunt. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you…:-)

Additional hints can be decrypted below.

	Decryption Key:
	(letter above equals below, 
	 and vice versa)






Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 16 by BeaSSt
This finishes up the Jose Gaspar 8 pack. I've been to this park before, racing RC cars but I had never been out on the trails. This is a nice walk in the woods. I found the cache at 4:15pm, took a glider and left an Arrow-Copter.

 September 15 by brewmeister_us
Great park! Never knew that this place was here... don't get out this way too often...Nice walk in the woods. Saw 1 rabbit & 2 black racers on the way to the cache. Signed log and took fishing line, left cold pack and bungee. Thanks for another great cache! Brewmeister (Hops)

 August 26 by hinkle
Last cache found!! Did four today and were racing the sun just as we found it. Great hiding spot. Did have to break the code (only second time we've had to do that). Showed our daughters what road apples were. They were not impressed. Jose--thank you for a wonderful family time outdoors.

 August 25 by Surfboar
First cache of the day!!! I love this park, but I never realized about the track back in there.... that was pretty cool. Sure was hot today.... and there were alot of spiders around this spot...... keep an eye out. I took a fuzzy animal and a shot glass and left a race car. Surfboar

 August 18 by CacheClowns
Cacher's web site
Great Adventure Jose, we plan to track down all your caches they are great I love the multi cache hunts. thx.

 August 12 by lance303
We made it back out there with no problems with all the new information. Lots of spiders!! Be careful.
Great hiding place! Mo and Lance

 August 11 by lance303
Our fourth trek of the day and we came up empty. We thought we nailed all the clues down (great hints, Jose) at this very interesting park. But look as we may, we came up dry. The final coordinates didn't really point to a very good hiding spot. We searched all over the general area (and then some) and still nothing. We went back to double check our data but all seemed ok. When we got back home this evening we checked this page to see if anyone else found it and noticed that the clue sheet had changed! Boy, we thought we were going crazy! We printed our copy of the clue sheet Friday afternoon and didn't bother to check this morning before leaving the house. That's what we get for preparing ahead of time! I always say there is no better time then the last minute! :) We'll try again tomorrow.
Mo & Lance.

 August 11 by faithwalker
Found it about 9:30 this morning. We took the nut driver and mini puzzle, we left a glass turtle necklace, a G I Joe toy and a wallet. DaMama thinks that was the hardest one yet. We had a great time. OH YEAH, WATCH OUT FOR TICKS,I had two on me from this place. Bring bug spray too. Thank you Jose for the nice park walk. ...Cache Responsible and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker and DaMama...

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