Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.

8/11/01  9:45

Got turned around a couple of times but as you can see we made it.  Check for TICKS!!!  Lots of skeeters, been bit twice.
Took: mini-maze game + nut driver.
Left: wallet, GI Joe toy, glass turtle necklace.
Thanks, Jose!

...Faithwalker + DaMama

8/12/01  10:15 am

Finally found it!  With new clue sheet we walked right to it!  Lots of spiders and mosquitoes.
The cache box was on it's side on the ground next to the pine tree.  We will try to put it back in the tree.  
Thanks again, Jose, for these fun quests!
Took glider and flying toy, left flashlight.

Mo + Lance


Great adventure, we almost found the cache then the GPS died.
Great fun.  Thanks.



Mosquitoes & spiders - oh my :-)

Found in today after an hour of hunting these woods.
Left a car - took the necklace.


8/26/01  6:30 pm

What a neat park!  Great hike.  Keeping it short since the sun is setting.



No spiders (so far) but 2 black racers & 1 bunny...
Nice park!  Don't get up this way to often.  Took fishing line & left gel pack & bungee cord.
Thanks for another great cache!

Brewmeister (Hops)

9/16/01  4:12 pm

This finishes the Jose 8 pack.  Nice walk in the park.  Bugs are out in force.
Took glider.  Left arrow copter.

BeaSSt - 2

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