********** UPDATE 8/12/01 *************


Faithwalker & DaMama have located and retrieved all five caches at the final site and are now $100 richer. Congratulations, F&D!

The cache was located on Caledesi Island, a location reachable only by private boat or ferry.  For those of you who want see the entire map & final clue sheet, the links are below (files are in Adobe Acrobat format)

Faithwalker's Log

Here's the report that Faithwalker & DaMama filed after finding the 5 caches:

     We took the first ferry to the Island. When we found the nature trail 
we went right to the foundation. I looked in the corner of the foundation and 
BAM! there it was. I knew we were going to have a good day. We went down the 
path and found a bench that had a sable palm sign (this was our first miscue) 
we looked around behind that bench for about 20 minutes. Finally we moved on, 
we got to the 2+3 and DaMama saw the ring of sand. DaMama read the clue and 
Catwoman spotted the palms. we moved on to the beach and reset the trip 
computer on the map76 walked south, at 4 tenths I stopped and started to go 
back up the beach but DaMama continued on to the REAL FLORIDA and came back 
with the loot. We backtracked to the trail and stopped at the bench there (our 
second miscue) and started looking around there for the palms but again no 
luck. Then DaMama was really studying the maps and told us to go to the marker 
19 and when we did we walked in the direction of the clue and Bam there it 
was. There were fresh tracks to and from the rusted missile. so that's four. We 
then proceeded towards marker 11 and when I saw the sign for the hammock I 
said this has to be it, DaMama read the clue again and off we went. When we 
found it I didn't see a bench but DaMama continued on and located the bench. 
Nice spot for a rest, but we didn't. I located the container and we were on 
to the concession stand. We got back to the stand and took the next boat 
back. We got to the island at10:30 and took the 1:00 boat back. 
      We had a great time. It was very hot and sunny, we had water and I'm 
glad we did. DaMama has been to Caledesi before and Catwoman has done a 
report on it, I was a first timer. You have really done a great job with the 
complete setup of this contest. You and your crew are for sure hall of fame 
material. Thanks for ALL THE FUN. 

Complete Map Files & Final Clue Sheet

Caledesi Final Clues
GC144E-Map-King James
GC14EF-Map-Queen Anne's Revenge
GC14F1-Map-Royal Fortune
GC14F3-Map-Adventure Galley
GC14FC-Map-Royal James

The Original Cache Announcement Posted on Geocaching.com

Jose Gaspar's Real Gold Coin Treasure

N27° 00.000' W82° 53.000

State: Florida
Hidden on: 8/3/01
Use Waypoint: GC1449

This cache is small in size, but then 100 US Sacagawea one dollar gold coins don’t take up much space. That’s right. This is the real deal. A real treasure with real money. Moolah. Dinero. Cold hard cash. Coin of the realm. $100 bucks, yours for the taking.

Now Jose doesn’t like just giving money away, so you are going to have to work hard for this one. You’ll have to visit many sites. You’ll need to solve many puzzles. Your deductive reasoning will be severely tested. There is even a treasure map involved. Are you man or woman enough for the challenge?

There are actually 5 caches at this location.  Twenty coins have been placed in 5 film canisters and deposited around different areas of this location.

Jose & Crew have placed eight caches in Pinellas & Hillsborough counties. Each cache is a very good, stand-alone cache of the quality you’ve come to expect from this crew. But there is a bonus twist. In addition to the normal contents, on the inside lid of each cache is a 5 character alphanumeric code. This code is also repeated on the cover of the logbook.

Once you have found the cache, record the code. Head for the nearest computer and log your successful cache find on the Geocaching.com website. Then send an e-mail to Jose and include the Geocache.com’s waypoint number for the cache (i.e. GCF4A). Also include the 5-character code that you got from the inside of the lid.

We will e-mail you back one piece of a treasure map in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. There are eight caches, so there are eight map pieces. We’ve made very sure that you will need all 8 pieces of the map to find the final cache location. The cache is hidden somewhere in Tampa Bay area. The site is great. You’re going to love it. It is worth going to even if someone gets to the money before you do.

The each person who can put together the map, solve the clues and find all of five caches will be $100 richer and will get major bragging rights plus kudos on www.josegaspar.net.

Before attempting to go to the cache location, please bring plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray.  Notice the difficulty rating for this cache - The terrain is easy, but you will be doing a lot of walking (2 or more miles) in the hot Florida sun.  Please take the proper precautions.

The eight caches that contain map clues are:

"Revenge" Cache
"Royal Fortune" Cache
"Adventure Galley" Cache
“Royal James” Cache
"Queen Anne's Revenge" Cache
“King James” Cache
“Whydah” Cache
“The Satisfaction” Cache

Any of the caches may found in any order. There is no specific order to the above list

P.S. Don’t use the coordinates at the top of the page. I had to put some numbers in there to be able to register this cache. Don’t take your GPS unit to those coordinates unless you want to test how waterproof it is. Those coords will put you somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico…


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