Due to the having a cache stolen from one of the eight original sites (the Satisfaction cache), we have cancelled the Real Gold Coin Treasure II hunt. The removal of the Satisfaction cache prevented people from completing the requirements for the Real Gold Coin cache. We archived both the Satisfaction and Real Gold Coin caches on the site.  At the same time, we removed any mention of the Real Gold Coin cache from the remaining seven sites.  

In a weird turn of events, the Satisfaction cache was returned by the person took it the day after it we archived it.   

This put us in a real messy situation.  On one hand, we have a number of people who have already found and submitted codes for  one or more of our original 8 sites.  We want to recognize their efforts.  On the other hand, once the Satisfaction cache disappeared, people who hadn't had a chance to find it yet were not be able to complete the requirements for getting the map for the Gold Coin cache.  Additionally, now we have people who have found some of the eight caches after we archived the sites, but didn't know that they were supposed to record the code numbers because the instructions had been removed.  Sigh.

To compound the problem, we were planning to hide the Gold Coin cache clues and generate the map during the August 25th weekend.  It was the only time we had available in our schedules to hide the clues before the October 1 deadline.  That window passed after the Satisfaction cache went missing.  When the Satisfaction cache reappeared late on the 26th, there wasn't enough time left to go out to hide the clues before the deadline.

As a result of all of the above factors, we have cancelled the Real Gold Coin Treasure II cache.  We will maintain our records for all people who have recorded finds as of  8/27/01.

We will hide a new Gold Coin cache, with new clues and adventures in the future.  For all of those who have recorded finds as of 8/27/01, you will receive "credit" for those finds when we announce the new gold giveaway. Your names and finds can be found at the bottom of this page. (see 10/7/01 update below)

We are trying to be fair to all in this matter.  We humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Jose Gaspar & Crew

10/7/01 Update
All peace-loving people in the world were shocked at the events of September 11, 2001.  The hearts and prayers of the Jose Gaspar Crew go out to all of the innocent people affected by the tragedy.  We have decided to donate the $100 originally intended as the prize for the winners of the Real Gold Coin Treasure II to the American Red Cross and the United Way to help the families of those lost on Sept. 11th. The donations will be in the names of all of those geocachers that found one or more of the 8 original clue caches.

(Original Cache Announcement - This Cache Has Been Cancelled)



This cache is small in size, but then 100 US Sacagawea one dollar gold coins don’t take up much space. That’s right. This is the real deal. A real treasure with real money. Moolah. Dinero. Cold hard cash. Coin of the realm. $100 bucks, yours for the taking if skill and luck are with you.

Jose doesn’t like just giving money away, so you are going to have to work hard for this one. You’ll have to visit many sites. You’ll need to solve many puzzles. Your deductive reasoning will be severely tested. There is even a treasure map involved. Are you man or woman enough for the challenge?

The Jose Gaspar Crew has structured this hunt so that everyone who finds all eight caches by October 1, 2001 will have an equal opportunity for a chance to win the $100 in golden coins.

Jose & Crew have placed eight caches in Pinellas & Hillsborough counties. Each cache is a very good, stand-alone cache of the quality you’ve come to expect from this crew. But there is a bonus twist. In addition to the normal contents, on the inside lid of each cache is a 5 character alphanumeric code. This code is also repeated on the cover of the logbook.

Once you have found the cache, record the code. Head for the nearest computer and log your successful cache find on the website. Then send an e-mail to Jose and include the’s waypoint number for the cache (i.e. GCF4A). Also include the 5-character code that you got from the inside of the lid.

The eight caches that contain map clues are:

"Revenge" Cache
"Royal Fortune" Cache
"Adventure Galley" Cache
“Royal James” Cache
"Queen Anne's Revenge" Cache
“King James” Cache
“Whydah” Cache
“The Satisfaction” Cache

Any of the caches may found in any order. There is no specific order to the above list

On or about October 1, a treasure map (in Adobe Acrobat format) will be e-mailed to each of the participants who have found and registered the eight original caches.  The treasure map will be for the final treasure site – a site that will have multiple cache containers hidden in it.  Inside each container will be plastic gold coins with code numbers on them.  The geocacher must take one of the coins from each of the hidden caches.

The final cache site will be available until October 31, giving each geocacher approximately one month to visit the final site and to collect as many coins as possible.

A geocaching party will be held (probably during the first week of November – we’re working on the exact date).  At the party, each geocacher will put the plastic coins that they found in a chest and a winning coin will be drawn.  The winner gets the $100 in coins.  The more plastic gold coins that a geocacher finds at the final site, the better their odds are of winning the cash!  Geocachers must be present to win.

For everyone who has registered some of the eight caches already, keep looking. Once you have found the remaining caches, you too will be sent the treasure map on or about October 1.  A running list of the finds of each geocacher is updated often. See how well you are doing in the standings

For those of you who haven’t started looking yet, get moving! The clock is ticking. You only have until Oct 1st to find the eight original caches. 

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