("Revenge" was the pirate ship of Capt. Stede Bonnet)

Jose Gaspar's "Revenge" Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 27° 44.627 W 082° 45.546 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/4/2001
Use Waypoint: GC14F8 (what's this?)
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Difficulty: Terrain:

In one of the most popular and beautiful parks in Florida, you’ll find a cache and rich history, too. There are excellent beaches nearby, so bring your bathing suits.


**** THIS PAGE UPDATED 8/15/01 8 pm ****
We've received confirmation that one of the original objects needed to get the GPS coordinates has been altered since the cache was placed. One of the original clues was to count the number of slats in the Quartermaster's Well. When we placed the cache there were 40 and none were damaged. Now there are multiple reports that at least one and possibly more slats are now broken out or missing. Because of this, we have revised the clue sheet by removing the Quartermaster's Well clue entirely. The numbers have been recalculated to reflect the change.

Now what kind of geocaching pirate would Jose Gaspar be if he didn’t at least start a treasure hunt on Treasure Island? That’s were you will begin this adventure. The cache isn’t hidden on Treasure Island, it is actually about 10 miles away, but you need to go to T.I. to get the first clue you’ll need to find the final cache. Let’s begin:

Go the above waypoint. Don’t bother putting money in the meter – you’re only going to be here a minute. The waypoint is a telephone. Take the last 6 digits of the phone number and use it to calculate the coordinates to the park. You’ll need to fill in these blanks:

Lat - N27° _ _._ _ _’
Long - W82° _ _._ _ _'

Take the 6 digit number that you took off of the phone. Divide it by 1000. This becomes your base number. For the latitude, take the base number and subtract 567.853. For the longitude, take the base number and subtract 560.591. Fill in the blanks and now you have the coordinates to a location in the park. Drive to the park and go to the coordinates that you calculated. You should be at the base of some stairs. Climb the stairs, counting the number of steps until you reach the top. Record the number of steps here:_________________

Enjoy the magnificent view before walking down the steps on the other side. Now that you have explored above, it is time to explore below. Thoroughly investigate the rooms and exterior of the building. You are looking for the answers to the following questions:

What is the total weight (with carriage) of Model 1890-M1?______________

What was the score of Pit A on April 19, 1905? (multiple this number by 100):_________

Time to calculate the last coordinates for the cache. Add up the numbers for the following clues:

The total weight (with carriage) of Model 1890-M1?______________
The number of steps:_______________
Pit A’s score (remember to multiple this number by 100, first)_______________

Add these numbers up and divide the sum by 1000 to get your base number. For the latitude, take the base number and subtract 101.407. For the longitude, take the base number and subtract 94.351. Now you have the coordinates that will put you close to the final cache. It is very likely that you will have to search hard for this cache. Your GPS readings will not put you within inches of it. We've upgraded the difficulty level to 2.5 to reflect this fact.

Our advice is to continue to follow the trail. It will get you reasonably close to your destination before you have to go “off-roading”. If you have problems, be sure to decrypt the clue.

Additional hints can be decrypted below.

	Decryption Key:
	(letter above equals below, 
	 and vice versa)

Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 9 by BeaSSt
After reading the log entries about all the problems people were having finding this cache, we were expecting to have to hunt for a while. Maybe the respective errors in Jose's and my GPS's canceled each other out, but it took us to within 10 feet. The last find was a week ago and the wind and rain must have disturbed the brush cover because we had no trouble spotting it. We found it at 4:30pm, took the marbles and left a yo-yo. We replaced the branches so it wasn't so obvious.

 September 2 by Surfboar
Hurray.......... finsished up the Jose sweep tonight about 7:30 and starting to get dark. I got as lost as everyone else in the log book as the final coordinates put me out in the field too. I then checked the clue and hunted in likely locations. Over an hour later....sweet success. I do have a suggestion for future cachers...... make sure you check the cache update before you go out there. I worked from the old hints....LOL Thank you Jose for truly getting caching really hopping in the Bay area. Oh... interesting note, I found the screwdriver that I left in my cache in Flatwoods park in Hillsborough....weird. Yall check out the Flatwoods park cache, not many visits so far.

 September 1 by roadwarrior
This was our second find of the day....lots of searching on a hot summer day! The park is one of our favorites, you'll have to discover it for yourself! Roadwarrior and Sweet Cache

 August 26 by Domino
Well Well...a Superb Cache for Domino to sweep in and get with another Cache friend Hops Her Barley and a couple of new Cachers Jools and Ka-rell. A day by the sea is always excellent to me. Not too buggy at all at noonish. Took Hotwheels '74 Porche and left Signature Smiley, A Domino(for those collecting), A Sunglass Cord and Roadhouse Grill Coupon. WE all loved the hunt and it was great to do with friends. A true Treasure. Still, we had to Geeps working this final site and booth put it off by 46 ft. Place where we found it. On On! Domino Gator Hater '...Adventure is when a plan takes a detour!'

 August 25 by jerdee
First cache of the day. I enjoyed this one, especially the park. I took nothing and left nothing.

 August 17 by steveg
I printed the cache directions before Jose' updated the info. We too were in the field across the road, knew it couldn't be right and used the hint to find it. We'll hiddden - exactly as described. Took and left nothing. Steve & Ronni

 August 15 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site
*** NOTE: The day we placed this cache, the sky was very overcast and there was significant tree cover. Getting an accurate GPS reading was difficult. We took many readings and averaged them, but the best we could come up with was a 36' accuracy. Some people have even fixed the average coordinates to be across the road from the cache site. This, plus the fact that the cache is very well hidden, have caused some people to walk away without finding the cache.


Other people have found the cache, so we won't attempt to get new GPS readings. Instead, we've bumped up the difficulty level to 2.5, because it is very likely that you will have to search at length for this cache. That's not a bad thing, it can sometimes be more challenging and satisfying to really hunt for a cache than have your GPS put you right on top of it... *******


 August 13 by kjh Email this user
Hello all, I found it after running all over to get the clues, it was alot of fun. I left two Brief Relief and took a little sponge man.
What a great site, would have never gone if it was not for geocache. Keep up the good work.



 August 11 by yachtman
Cacher's web site
WOW what an adrenaline rush to find our first cache. Almost gave up 2 times but due to the perseverance of Physic Woman on last attempt we found it. Guess I was thinking linear and Physic Woman was using her inner powers. Made us feel better when we read what the person just before us said about being the toughest find yet. Took the screwdriver & magic cards and left a magic spider ring & set of chopsticks. We're hooked on geocaching and can't wait to go for another. Thanks Jose for a great day of education and fun!
Yachtman & Physic Woman

 August 11 by hinkle
We finally found the cache after much searching. Our GPS said it should be in the open field across the street. We knew that couldn't be right. Finally had to decode the clue. This was the toughest cache to find yet. We took the bug spray, sunblock and hairbow purse. Left a screwdriver, bag of marbles, whoopie cushion and a necklace.

 August 10 by lance303
We finally found it!! It actually took us three trips because we couldn't get there soon enough before it got too dark. If only we could quit our day jobs!! :)
Great place for a cache. When we found our first cache Lance had mentioned that he'd like to put his own there, but Jose beat us too it!
Great job!We took the traveling fake $100 and the master lock keychain. We left a two-sided wrench.

Mo and Lance


 August 6 by faithwalker
This is a great trip, what an imagination this crew has. << >> The clues were right on although we were a little off of the cache but again DaMama with here powerful x-ray vision was right on top of the situation. We took the fun pad and the calculator. We left a screw driver, yo-yo, bead dogs and a glass necklace. Nice job again Jose, and a good time was had by all. ...Cache Responsable and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker, DaMama and Catwoman...

Geocacher's Logs for the "Revenge" Cache

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