Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.

8/6/01  7:00 pm

Here we are again!
We got close and DaMama found it again!  Great place to explore.  Took calculator + funpad.  Left screwdriver, bead dogs, yo-yo and glass necklace.  Again another fine stash by Jose.  Thank you.

...Faithwalker, DaMama + Catwoman...

8/10/01  7:35 pm

Whew!  This is our 3rd trip over here to look for this cache.  We were very close the other times but it was just after sun dwon.  My GPS was pointing to a spot our in the field but we figured it should be here in the "bushes".  Sure enough, Mo spotted it (her eyes are almost as developed as DaMamas) sitting here in the tree!  Took traveling $100 bill + backpack lock + left a wrench.

Mo + Lance

(no date or time)

This was our toughest one yet.  Almost gave up.  For some reason GPS had across the street in the middle of the field.  Knew that wasn't right.  Took Magic Color Bug Spray, sunblock + hairbow purse.  Left screwdriver, bag of marbles, whoopie cushion and necklace.
You almost got us, Jose!  :-)


8/11/01  6:10 pm

WOW - First cache + how exciting to find after several folk st***s.
Congrat Jose for a fine geocache.


8/13/01  2:00 pm

Found it, GPS had me in field also, knew it could not be there, almost gave up but glad I did not, left two Brief Relief + took nothing, left it for the kids.



GPS has us out in left field also.  Finally started searching clumps of trees where we thought it would be and found it.  Took nothing.  Left nothing.  Lots of no-see-ums and mosquitoes.  Good hunt.

Steve + Ronnie


I've never been here before.  This is a very interesting place.  Thanks for bringing me to such a nice spot.  Well, I took nothing and left nothing.



Finally got all of the pieces put together.  Found cache - thought it would be further away - but great spot!
Looking forward to Jose's next series of caches coming up!
Took hot wheels car, left coupon & smileys.

Brewmeister, Carl, Jools & Domino

Domino swept in with "TCHG" The Cache Hash Group.  Left signature smiley, a domino, sunglass holder, Road House co**


It took us a long while, in a hot day - it was very frustrating. But found it - now we need to return to take a shower.

P.S. The decrypt hint was unnecessarily long and the cache was totally covered not partially covered with uh?...ok twigs.



Me...also out in left field...just kept looking in tree clumps until I found it.
Nice spot.  I used to hang here as a kid.


9/9/01  4:30 pm

This was our easiest find yet!!
#6 of 8 pack.  Had fun looking around fort + across the water @ Egmont Key.  Missed the rain.  Took marbles + left yoyo.  Great day for a stroll outside.  Found the Strangle Figs very intersting.


The Jose Gaspar "Revenge" Cache

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