Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.

8/9/01 - 7:30
third for the day, we got a little turned around but found it when we did the limbo.

took: looking glass + buttons + pressure drop.
left: mcdonalds toy, glass necklace, purse

...faithwalker + DaMama


Pretty park - haven't been here for awhile.  Coordinates were right on! Thanks for a great time, Jose!  Took twine, left backpack lock.  Also left $100 traveling dollar and the other $100 traveling dollar.

Mo + Lance

P.S. Very hot out today!


Midday bugs bad.

Took bill.  Second cache found.



2nd Jose Cache Today!

Boy is it hot!

Took the fuzzy animals - left a fishing lure.


8/26/01 4:30

Took long route through woods - big mistake!  Very hot + lots of bugs.  Took batteries, plastic purse + stuffed animal.  Left CD + pack of pens.



We tried the woods also - until my better half put us back on the road.  Nice puzzle to figure out coordinates & walk!  Now on to do the hash run in New Tampa.  Never heard of hashing?  Check out  Enjoyed the cache.  Took Louis Armstrong CD.  Left eyelid mask, bullfrog lotion and mirror.

Brewmeister (Hops) & Smelly


Kyle, Danae, Shea, Gail & Jim had enjoyable time finding it on Labor Day despite the hot weather.


Survived the terrorist attack (Bastards!) + found the cache unscathed.  Took the 2 plates + left a heart slinky + 2 coolies.  We will stand strong + rise above the evil!!.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Kathy + Bruce

(no date)

John Troelstrup & Linda Lack

"Path" was a little overgrown by now, but a good placement.  :-)

9/16/01  2:57 pm

1 member of the BeaSSt team couldn't get motivated.  Must have just missed Kathy & Bruce.  This makes 7 of the 8 Jose caches so far.  On to the last one.  Left a deck of cards.  Took glasses holder.  Park is crowded.  Maybe I'll wait until those people that just say or the bench leave.

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