("Royal James" was the pirate ship of Capt. Edward England)

Jose Gaspar’s “Royal James” Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 28° 05.637 W 082° 18.946 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/4/2001
Use Waypoint: GC14FC (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

This is a short, and fast cache hunt in a county park. It should only take you about 30 minutes.

This cache can be found after an easy 15 minute walk along a trail. The cache far off of the main trail, but is easy to get to from the trail. Don’t stomp through the heavy brush to get to the cache. You can reach it by walking through a palmetto maze by walking only on sandy areas. Please do not harm the local vegetation.

The cache is in a large tupperware-like container partially covered at the edge of a sandy clearing.

Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 8 by BeaSSt
Finally found a way to get to the cache without having to push through the bushes. Once you know the way, it's easy but we walked most of the way around the palmetto maze before we found we went the wrong way. Saw a deer across the creek, near the parking lot. Took the mini spirograph, left a golf ball and a twisty straw.

 September 3 by kjh
Hello All, this was our secound find for the day, what a great place to ride bikes, have to come back to ride hear. We all had a great time finding this one and it was a great treat for my kids.
Kyle, Danae, Shea, Jim, Gail

 September 1 by brewmeister_us
Our 2nd cache of 9/1! In a bit of a hurry, so laced up the running shoes for this one... we were getting ready to do a hash run so it was kind of a warmup (www.half-mind.com - read about hashing and find your local group!), Really easy to get to and nice trail run. Found the cache with no problem. Took glow in the dark dog ball for Bosco the Golden Retriever (woof!) and left frog votive candle holder& hand sanitizer. Thanks for the cache! Brewmeister (Hops) & Smelly

 August 27 by Domino
Domino with a late log. I too jogged in and went crazy in the area looking for it then, it was obvious and I felt a little foolish, must have been the heat. Took Madonna CD, left arm of a smiley, Roadhouse Grill Coupon, and a Domino. On On! Domino /%/ (Gator Hater)

 August 26 by hinkle
Pleasant 15 minute walk. My oldest daughter was in charge of the GPS and found the cache first. This was the first of four caches found today (took 7 hours for all four!!). Good hiding place.

 August 25 by Surfboar
Don't know why this one was hard.... but it was. I should have read the hints better and avoided the cross country trek through the palmettos (ouch). On the plus side, I ran into a friendly tortoise guarding the cache and a deer nearby. A word of caution, this is very near the ranger station and you may be observed if you blunder cross country (duh). Surfboar

 August 11 by gbritton
Found this cache at about 1:30PM. Saw two people walking in the middle of the maze as I followed the sand trail on the long way around. As I was signing the log book the two came out of the maze and introduced themselves as Lance and Mo. We talked on the way back to the cars and they gave me a few pointers on geocaching. Hope them find all 8 of the hideouts!

 August 11 by lance303
Our third find of the day at 1:30. Started to get real hot and hungry - after this one it was time for a break. As we got closer to the cache, we heard someone else walking around in the 'maze'. Sure enough, another geocacher was just ahead of us. We debated waiting until they left or going on ahead and saying hi. We did the latter and met a new geocacher named Gregg. We swapped some geostories and walked back to the parking lot together. We took the luggage strap and left the Madonna CD and a traveling dollar.
Mo & Lance.

 August 9 by faithwalker
Oh yeah this was a walk in the weeds alright. We walked around in THE MAZE for a while and DaMama finally found the cache, we took some stuff and left some stuff, (hey I'm tired). We enjoyed the trek though and DaMama, WHAT A TROOPER, rain, mud, bugs and still a smile. Another fine job by the J crew. Thanks again. ...Cache Responsable and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker and DaMama...

Geocacher's Logs for the "Royal James" Cache

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