("The Satisfaction" was the pirate ship of Capt. Henry Morgan)

Jose Gaspar’s “The Satisfaction” Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 27° 50.833 W 082° 46.567 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/3/2001
Use Waypoint: GC144A (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

An easy cache in a beautiful park with multiple hiking trails running through it.

This is a straight-forward cache hidden in county park. The cache is hidden fairly deeply in the woods which is criss-crossed with multiple trails. It is a nice walk, but you can get easily confused with all of the trails. WAYPOINT YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE WOODS. You’ll thank me for this tip later…

The cache is located 10 ft to the east of a trail.

Additional hints can be decrypted below.

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	(letter above equals below, 
	 and vice versa)







Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 30 by MysticSushi 
Hah! Found it about 1730 this evening. Had to give it one more try before October 1st. Tried something different this time. Instead of trying to follow the dancing range and bearing (and walking around in circles), we shot an azimuth and walked right to it. I swear I've checked that location before. Ah, must have been because I had the crew along with me this time. It's much easier when you have someone else along. Thanks Jose for a great little mystery/adventure. Even if it was all in my head!!!

Mysticsushi and Crew!


 September 30 by Whitedog&Purplepuppy
Thanks Jose! Beat the 10/1/01 deadline but not by much. Found this cache at about 7:10 pm this evening and the park closed at 7:30 pm. Boy were the mosquitos ferocious, and hungry too. Not the first to sign the log today but apparently the first to claim today. Didn't have time to read the log. Afraid I would get carried off. Left aa batteries and took a red ram beanie. Lots of really neat stuff Look forward to this one coming back out. Thanks again. WhiteDog&PurplePuppy

 September 9 by BeaSSt
The Satisfaction cache is alive and well! After upgrading the software on my Emap, it was much better at updating the display while under the trees. Like most Jose caches, I was still 20 or 30 feet off though. We crisscrossed the woods for about 15 minutes and one of our team members finally found it deep in the brush. Found it at 2:40pm, took a tube of superglue and left a pair of folding scissors.

 September 3 by yachtman
Cacher's web site
Ok I feel like Mystic Sushi. My first trip to find this cache was Saturday 8/25. Got part way there and ran into a driving thunder storm and decided to head back home to Sarasota. Went back the next day, Sunday, 8/26 and looked for hours with no luck. Found the hornets nest with no trouble but nothing else. Went home again dejected and then logged on only to find out I had the old coordinates. So went back today feeling all excited with the new coordinates and once again came up empty. Was sure we found the right tree. It fit the clue just fine but no cigar. Jose I think either this site is jinxed or someone removes this cache for fun & games. I'll go nuts if someone else finds it after today.
Yachtman & Physic Woman

 September 3 by MysticSushi
I'm posting this late as this happened last week. This cache is my white whale... and I'm Capt Ahab. I first attempt was 25 August around 1400 (2 PM to you non military folks). Jose, I must have just missed you. No luck finding it. I attributed my problems to being a newbie. Inspired by the recent posts I returned last week (Aug 29th)to claim victory... Nuts!!! Funny, my GPS seems to be malfunctioning. You know devils triangle stuff, spinning compass, distance moving from 185 feet to 10 feet to 250 feet in the other direction. Okay then 4 new posts since then, all finding the cursed thing!!! I will not yield, I will find this thing BEFORE 1 October if I have to grid off the entire park and pace it on my hands and knees!!! Otherwise, Jose, I'm coming to your house to sign that darn logbook and get my picture taken!!!

Signed: Not SO MysticSushi sans the crew.


 September 2 by Surfboar
Whew....found the ellusive Satisfaction cache today. Made the Jose sweep possible. Thank you to who ever returned it. Good call on marking your car..... what a maze in there!! The park was totally over flowing with picnicers, despite the heat. I took a can cooler and left a car.

 September 1 by BeaSSt
We got to this one kind of late and it was starting to get dark. Still, we got in about a half hour of searching but no dice. We'll try again tomorrow.

 August 27 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site
OK, I'm thinking of changing the name of this cache from the Satisfaction cache to the Weirdness cache. On Friday, , Domino went to the site. After an exhaustive search, he could not find the cache. It shouldn't have been that difficult to find. (It is probably one of the easiest cache to locate of all that I've placed so far...). The next morning, around 10:00, I went to the site and found that the cache had been removed. Gone. Poof. I came back and reported the cache stolen and archived the site on geocaching.com. Having the cache removed was odd enough, but here is where it gets really weird. The next day, around 3:30 pm, Domino and others go back to the same place and now the cache is back! Unharmed and complete. Weird. Obviously, whoever took it originally had a change of heart and put it back. So I'm unarchiving this cache. Hopefully it will stay put until I permanently remove it shortly after Oct 1.

 August 27 by kjh
Hello all, I just saw the meassage that the cache is gone? No it is not, I was there today at noon time and it was there and everything was in great shape. Log book and everything else. Found it with no problem, Had a great time walking around the park.

 August 26 by Domino
I Cant get no....Satisfaction... But wait....Ah Ha! Here is a little story that I am happy to say has had a positive ending or beginning...whichever your perspective is. It started back when I -Domino-was visiting the area a few weeks ago... and as you can read...I the Hornet Army rained hell upon me. I was sad(and hurting)because I love to run this park and use to all the time whe I lived here. Anyway, Friday(8/24) I say to myself....IIIIIIIII'M Back!!! Come out and go for a run then, I head out to where Jose has listed the new placement. I am pissed at this point 'cause...no hornets but no Cache as well. I figure...I am just not ever meant to have the satisfaction so after an hour of searching every single tree withing 100yards in any direction...hunger gets the best of me and I head home. But...And here is where the story gets positive...after a Super Weekend of Caching the Area and getting together with Hops(Brewmeister) and Smelly and some newby's...I decide to make them join me back at this site to asure me that I am not crazy and a bad cacher(and Brew & Smelly had found it before at it's old location). I set off into the woods before Brewmeister can even get his Geeps programed and- NO WAY JOSE.....THERE IT IS!!! Proud to anounce it's return from who know's where??? So Jose...you can put it back in the Posting. And if it was you(you as in someone reading this-not you Jose)that took it...tell us why?, please. Got to hear this story. This Cache is now a Legend in my Cache Experiences. Email Me at dominoi@hotmail.com to share. Anyway, it was in great shape. Plenty of stuff. Oh, I am suppose to mention Cindy and Joe and Some Einstein Magnets(that is what Brewmeister and Smelly were talking about while at the site.) Thanks for the Batteries Tim...took em. Left A Domino(one that stands for the extreme of this Satisfaction Cache), Signiture Smiley(also has that look for this cache), Sunglass Holders and Roadhouse Grill Coupon. On On! Domino /%/ Gator Hater

 August 25 by Jose Gaspar
8/25/01 - When checking this cache this morning, we found that it had been stolen or removed by a park ranger. This cache is being archived from the geocaching.com site and will not be replaced. -Jose
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 August 19 by KB
Cacher's web site
Our 4th and final cache today - we got back to Tampa just as the rain & lightning began! Never have been to this park, but have driven by it a lot, what a nice, busy park. The cache was found, had a little trouble keeping the lit closed - but Dan did his best to get it to lock. Signed the log and took the traveling $100 bill to put in another cache. Dan & Kar Cache_Test_Dummies

 August 17 by hinkle
This is a great park, Great place to hide a cache.
The four of us had a good time finding this one.
Took makeup kit and blockbuster card, left a cd and necklace.

 August 17 by Fish494
Cacher's web site
Our first cache. I was tasked with watching my 3 nephews today (ages 7, 8 & 12) and thought it would be a great thing to try. We all had fun and they learned some things about GPS's, etc. Hopefully they also learned about honesty, etc. (take something, give something.) The cache was right where description indicated. We deciphered the hint since it was our first time out. Took a small package of plastic Army men (so I could divide them up between the 3) and left a 4 pack of energizer double A batteries that will hopefully go in someones GPS. Thanks, looking forward to #2

 August 12 by ufmoobrother
This was my first shot and geocaching, and after leaving the park for bug spray and then returning, it also became my first successful trip. Took me and a friend a little while to find it but once we did, we were already thinking of the next one. Thanks for a fun trip. -ufmoobrother

 August 11 by brewmeister_us
It took a bit, but we found it! This was the 3rd of 3 yesterday afternoon. Liked the hiding place, looked for what seemed forever before we found it. At any rate, good cache! I'd never been to this park before - I'd always driven by it en route to somewhere else. I'd like to come back and spend more time here. Took back massager, left Blockbuster gift card, Einstein magnet (sticking his tongue out!) and breathe right strips. Also used a bit of the purple anti mosquito stuff. Watch out for 'skeeters here, and also for squirrels. I had never seen squirrels get so close to you - we had to chase a couple of them off. Also look at the signs as you get on the trail for reasons not to feed the squirrels - some of the reasons look like something that they had 1st graders dream up. Thanks for the cache! Brewmeister & Smelly

 August 11 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site
I've been to the site a few times and never saw any stinging insects. Maybe Dominic's encounter was just a freak occurrence, but I don't want to take any chances. I've moved the cache to another location in the area just to be on the safe side. The old coordinates have been replaced with the new ones. Didn't see any bugs, bees or hornets at the original site when I went there to move the cache. -Jose.

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 August 8 by Domino
Warning!!! After being stung MULTIPLE times at the exact coordinates, I decided that I had better come back another time. I was tracking and as I got right on...BAM, they hit me....and I mean HARD. Hornets, Jackets, hell....I dont know...and they hunted me down for about 30 yards and hit me AGAIN!....I am an Outdoors guys, run trails and get stung ALOT...THESE WERE BY FAR THE WORST STINGS EVER! The Pain(which felt like a terrible bruise) lasted for 6 hours until I finally was able to sleep. Next day...each sting felt like a bruise. Either I just looked like a target on this day or ALL need to be cautious when approaching this cache. I WILL be back someday....Flying Thing Killer Cans a Blazing.

 August 6 by rshipley
After a few minutes of looking we spotted the cache partially hidden in dead palm fronds exactly as Jose said. My 4 year old son, Adam joined me in the hunt. This was our first cache hunt and had a great time! We will definately be doing it again in the near future. Maybe even tomorrow! We took a green race car and left a Quicken CD-Rom. Thankfully, we didn't spot any gators but we did see a brown rabbit. We took pictures with our digital camera and hope to be able to upload them somewhere.

Thanks again for a great time!
Reed & Adam Shipley
Clearwater, Florida

Cache Wildlife
This is what geocaching is all about...

 August 5 by lance303
Third for the day! Never been to this park before. We initially had the wrong coordinates downloaded to the trusty eMap that lead us to a clump of trees right next to the lake. Luckily, the print-out had the right coordinates so we chased after those for a bit. This one probably gave us the most trouble even though the coordinates in hindsight were dead on. We got confused by all the clover covered clearings and we couldn't seem to pick the right pair of trees to search :-) Found it and took hackie sack and a pack of tissues. Left deck of playing cards.
Mo & Lance.

 August 4 by faithwalker
Thanks again Jose, another fine cache you've gotten us into. DaMama and I ran out as soon as we saw it posted (couldn't wait). The Map76 had a little stumble but when we let it settle down and relax we found it, although I will say we had to look to find it. We took the Big Bill and a hackie sac. We left an HP Ink Cartridge and a set of Bible cards, signed the log and left it like we found it. This is a great park we have been there often although never of the main trail. Thanks for gettin us in the weeds. ...Cache Responsible and may all your birds be in view... ...Faithwalker and DaMama...

Geocacher's Logs for the "The Satisfaction" Cache

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