Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.

8/4/01  7:30 pm

Great Job again, Jose!

DaMama and I came right over when we saw it posted - couldn't wait - we left an HP ink cart + Bible cards.  We took the Bill + multi-colored hackie sac.
Another fine job by Jose!

- Faithwalker + DaMama - 

8/5/01  4:15 pm

Took us awhile to find this one.  We originally had the wrong coordinates but we eventually found the clearing.  We had trouble again finding the box but Mo spotted again.
Took the tissue & hackey sack.
Left pack of playing cards.

Lance + Mo.

8/6/01  7:36 pm

My 4 year old son helped me find your cache after 10 mins of looking.
Thank you for placing a cache in Tampa Bay.  We will be looking for the others you have hidden.

Reed + Adam Shipley

8/11/01  6:30 pm

Found it after a bit of searching!  Good spot - so close yet so near.
Took back massager.  I also used a bit of the purple Off - mosquitoes are horrible.
Left Blockbuster movie card & Breathe Rite strips and Einstein magnet.

Thanks for a good cache!

Brewmeister & Smelly

8/12/01  8:10 pm

This was my first time geocaching.  After getting over my initial fear of the West Nile Virus + hunting around.  I finally found it with the help of my bro.  PQ.
Thanks, Jose!


8/17/01  3:10 pm

Good job hiding the cache.  Brought my 3 nephews on the hunt.  Great experience for them.  Left 4 new AA batteries for GPS.  Took bag of plastic Army men.

Tim Dumont

8/17/01  7:20 pm

Good place to hide a cache.  Best part - our young daughters had asked to explore a trail by themselves.  It ended up being the right one.  It's great to see them enjoying caching.  We took Blockbuster gift card and the makeup kit.  We left 2 CDs.


8/19/01  12:40 om

4th cache of the day!

Danny & Karrel

8/19/01  4:02 pm

Finally found it!  Wandered around for 10 minutes, using dualing GPS's!  Brought Dad and friend Matthew on this trip!  Took the Einstein magnet, let blue party light bulb, hot wheels and wedding ma**es.

:-)  Cyndi & Joe

8/26/01 -- Well here on 8/24 well as the stinging incident earlier this summer.

Domino swept in with the new cachers Carl and Jools as well as cachers Hops & Smelly who found this cache at the original site.  Finally found.  Ohhh "Satisfaction".
Took batteries.
Left signature smiley, a domino, Roadhouse coupon, *** sunglass holder.
On On

Gator Hater


Had fun finding it.  Great park.
Left a motorcycle man, conehead spaceman and a brief relief.
Took bottle squirter + sponge figures.
Had a great time.  Thanks.

Kyle, Gail + Jim

9/2/01 2:45 pm

The elusive Satisfaction :-) found at 2:45 on Sunday 9/2


9/9/01  2:40 pm
Found by 3 - BeaSSt

Great spot - Had to come back second time to find - park closed 1st try.
Focused in on wrong tree but oldest Beasst kept pursuing + found!!
Took super glue + left folding scissors.  This was 5 of the 8 pack.  On to Fort Desoto.


9/29/01  6:00 pm

2nd of the Day!  Good spot for a cache!  Took the caution tape and left the Walmart pencil.

Christopher & Allison



Finally found it!  And I forgot my pen!  I know I've been here before, but I must have missed it!

Finally got Satisfaction!


9/30/01  7:10 pm

White Dog + PurplePuppy where here about 7:10 pm

Thanks will catch you next year.  Wanted to get here before you picked it up.
Left AA batteries
Took Red Ram

W.D. + P.P.

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