("Whydah" was the pirate ship of Capt. Sam Bellamy)

Jose Gaspar’s “Whydah” Cache
by Jose Gaspar
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N 27° 50.321 W 082° 40.051 (WGS-84)
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State: Florida [state map]
Hidden on: 8/3/2001
Use Waypoint: GC144B (what's this?)

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Difficulty: Terrain:

This cache will require you to solve two clues to get the final coordinates.

The coordinates for this cache will put you in the parking lot of a county park. You’ll need to pick up two clues to get the final coordinates to the cache.

This park has raccoons, bobcats, grey foxes, river otters, armadillos, flying squirrels and lots and lots of alligators.

From the parking lot, enter the Educational Center. In the center is a glass case titled “Projectile Points of the Tampa Bay Area.” How many points are there? Add that number to 371 and you’ll have the three missing digits for N27° 50._ _ _’

Also in the same case is some information about the Newnan Indians. There is a date range associated with the Newnans. Subtract one from the other. Then subtract an additional 1155 from that. That will give you the missing three digits for W82° 39._ _ _’

Now you have the coordinates for the final cache. Good luck!

Logged visits  (also see geocacher's logbook entries from the cache box!)

 September 16 by ger
This cache appears to be a temporary victim of Gabrielle. The board walk leading in the direction of the cache was closed due to damages caused by Gabby. You may be able to get to the cache by going around the boardwalk. However, with a four nad five year old, we weren't sure how long we may have had to travel or if the cache was acessable via the long way. Did find two other nearby caches later in the day.

Ger and Sarina-Winter Park, FL.
Hal and Jake-Sarasota, FL
Brad and Kristina-St. Pete

 September 3 by yachtman
Cacher's web site
Another great Jose Gaspar hunt. Sure enjoyed the park. Took a bit to find the cache but we were successful........Hooray. Didn't take or leave anything.
Yachtman & Physic Woman

 September 1 by BeaSSt
There were lots of little gators hanging around this park. My Emap went haywire for a while under the trees but then started working again. Found the cache about 50' south where the GPS said it should be. Park maintenance were clearing out some of the trees near the cache but I don't think they were going very close to the fence so the cache should be safe. Took a boat shaped wistle and left a couple packs of old stamps.

 September 1 by Surfboar
Found it today. Whew, what a scorcher!!! I never yhad a clue this park was here other than blowing past it at 70 mph. Great place for a cache. Did yall see all the alligators? Way cool.



 August 28 by o-sew
Cacher's web site
On vacation from New Hampshire and visiting relatives in Seminole. Found the park with no problem. GPS put the cache about 30 feet north of where we found it. Nice park with lots of wildlife. A refreshing relief from all the pavement surrounding it. Thanks for the fun! The Walsh Family

 August 25 by jerdee
Nice park in a very unlikely place. Found the cache without any problem. I took the boardwalk trail and enjoyed it. However, a thunderstorm was right overhead. As I was leaving the park, lightning struck the fence and sent sparks flying right next to me! It was very scary and I got the heck out. I left nothing and took nothing.

 August 19 by KB
Cacher's web site
First stash we found this day - surprised us where it was. Cache was in good shape. Didn't take anything but signed the log. We love this park and hadn't been there in a while. Dan_Kar - Cache_Test_Dummies

 August 13 by kjh
Hello All, What a great park, would have not thought this park would have been this nice or big. What a great place for a hunt. I really enjoy the boardwalk, plan on going back for a nice walk, I left two Brief Relief for you drive to the next hunt for when you are stuck in the car. I took the shell Neckless, and spong man.
Keep up the good work

 August 11 by brewmeister_us
Found the cache! This was the first of three caches that we did on Saturday. Between running in the AM and walking, I was tired last night!
Liked the hiding place, nice walk. Looked forever for the hints that were right in front of our faces. Took mini playing cards and balsa glider. Left Muvico free movie pass and Breathe Right strips. Thanks for placing this one - always nice to come here. Brewmeister & Smelly

 August 7 by rshipley
Adam & I found your second cache yesterday. We had a hard time finding the Points in your clues, but after looking around for while, we found them. I have lived in Pinellas County all my life and I never knew about this park. What a treasure! Unfortunately, we didn't see much wildlife other than birds, spiders & squirrels. We took an action figure and left a flashing ball. Thanks for the hunt!

Reed & Adam Shipley
Clearwater, FL


 August 5 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site
After three people said they almost ended up in the lake, I figured that I must have messed up with my math in the clue. I double-checked it and, sure enough, I made a small boo-boo. I fixed the problem and the correct instructions are now in the description. Sorry for the confusion and I'm glad that none of you had to put on any water-wings to find the cache. :-)

 August 5 by lance303
When we heard about the new Jose cache's we hurried right up to Saw Grass to try to be the first to find it! After a stroll through the park (one of our favorites) we ended up near a lake. Didn't seem like a good place to hide the cache. Mo thought it would be up in the woods nearby and she spotted some people snooping around up there. So we waited until they left and headed in ourselves and found the cache. We had to settle for seconds. :-) Took pack of pens, koosh ball and left dolphin earings and shell necklace.
Mo & Lance.

 August 5 by faithwalker
This was our second, we were the third finders for this one. We too were near the water but DaMama started to poke around and was the one whose x-ray vision spotted the cache. We took the magic tricks and key chain and beads and ring puzzles, we left bead dogs, glass bear necklace, pooh figure and a Pokiemon bean bag in a Christmas bag(from the Shumard Oak cache in Tallahasse). Again with the great location. Thanks for the nice hunt today.
...Cache Responsible and may all your birds be in view...
...Faithwalker, DaMama, O-Intelligent-1 and Catwoman...

 August 5 by hinkle
Jose Gaspar you are very clever! According to our GPS the cache should have been 10 feet into the lake (even after we checked our math). But we followed our instincts instead and were able to find the cache. It was a thrill to be the first to find it. We've never been first before. Our daughters liked all the neat stuff you put in the cache. We took the rummy cards, trunk of magic and the tissues. We left a deck of cards, pack of pens and a box of hairbows.

Must confess--we had been planning to put a cache there ourselves but you beat us to it. Good Job!!

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