Transcribed Entries from Logbook in Cache Box
Formatting, spelling & punctuation was transcribed as was written in the logbook.  Used asterisks (***) where handwriting was undecipherable.


Jose Gaspar you are very clever.  Great hiding spot and we were the first to find it!
This is our 4th geocache "find" and the first time being first to find one.

Our GPS put us about 10 feet in the water but we knew that couldn't be right so we followed our instincts instead.  Our daughters appreciated all the neat stuff you put in it. 

We took the running cards, tissues and trunk of magic.  We left a deck of cards, pack of pens and a box of hairbows.

Looking forward to finding the other seven caches.


8/5/01  12:15 pm

We got here right after the above folks - we were down looking by the water too when Mo noticed people in the woods.

Left dolphin earrings & small necklace.  Took green pens & koosh ball

Lance & Mo

8/5/01  2:40 pm

Our second for the day.

We were lead to the tree with the fallen branch but couldn't be there!  DaMama started poking about and found it.

We took magic tricks, puzzles, keychain & beads.  We left bead dogs, glass bear necklace, Pooh & Pokeman in Christmas bag (from Shumard Oak in Tall.)

Thanks Jose for more fun.

Faithwalker, DaMama, Catwoman & O-intelligent-1

8/7/01  7:15 pm

This is our second day of caching and my second Jose cache.

Adam and I are having a great time. You certainly know the good spots to hide your treasure.

We took the action figure and left a light-up rubber ball. 

Thanks, Jose!

Reed and Adam Shipley


Our 2nd cache of the day (1st was burned down...Sorry DaMama).

We are taking mini playing cards & SuperAce and leaving a Muvico movie discount ticket and "Breathe-Rite" strips and TBH3 "business card" - if you like active puzzles you may like this run-walk beer drinking group.

Look forward to doing the rest.

Brewmeister & Smelly


8/13/01  4:20 pm

Hello All, I wish there was not so much noise around, I found it with not too much problems.

I left two Brief Relief, took ball.


8/13/01  6:45 pm

Me & PQ are rocking!

Two caches in our first 2 days.  Thanks Jose!


8/19/01  Sunday 9:40 am


Danny & Karrel found the cache!  Great Park!

8/25/01  4:33 pm

Third cache today.  Another nice park.  The GPS gave me the run-around, but alas, I made it!  Took nothing.  Left nothing.


8/26/01  3:26 pm

Nice cache.  Two GPS's put the cache about 20 meters north of where it truly was.  Took a while to find it.  Nice park.  On vacation from New Hampshire and enjoying the area.

Walsh Family

9/1/01  3:15 pm

Surfboar Scores!

Great park.  Never knew it was here.
Left the Hot Wheels, took the necklace!

9/3/01  3:45 pm

Great park.  Had to look for a while but found the cache.  Clues took a bit, too.  Took nothing.

Yachtman & Physic Woman

9/3/01  7:00 pm
found by 3

Great location - had to look around for awhile.  GPS off by 40!  Noisy but no bugs!!!

2nd cache fo the 8 pack today.  Hot & sweaty.  Took boat whistle, left stamps from Michigan.



Awesome game.  Honestly, we thought it was lost and brought it home.  VERY SORRY ALL. Put it back exactly were it was found.  There was a group of 5 of us but only one found it.

We come here every weekend but never realized there was a game going on.

Happy hunting.  Here's an entry from the one who found it...


(the above was written by an adult - what followed was written by a younger person - Jose)

"Hi" my name is Chris Lambert and when I found the game I didn't even know what it was at first.  I thought it was something that someone lost so I took it home and started looking through it and noticed that it was a game.  I took the stamps and the ink stamp game and replaced it with some sports cards and fluorescent hair color.

Thanks for the stuff.

The Jose Gaspar "Whydah" Cache

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