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 September 16 by Jose Gaspar 
Due to Tropical Storm Gabrielle, this cache has been removed. It will not be replaced.

 September 9 by Surfboar
Whew..... two days and two tries.... but I finally found it. Then I tracked really black mud into the house when I got home and got bitched at...LOL I never had a clue that that nature preserve was there. I must have spent 2 hours yesterday wandering around in the really trash filled mangroves...... found a number of homeless camps.

Thank goodness for the hint to subtract instead of adding. I left a bomb squad truck (Matchbox) and took speakers.



 September 2 by Pdela494
This was by far our best day yet. Thanks to Jose this was a great day. We did start off a little slow. We tried to cheat and use the hints and look under the big boardwalk until the homeless guy that lives there ran us off. After that we decided to follow the GPS and it led us right to the first treasure. The 3 clue sites went great. We had a fun time running around town. Thanks to lance303's advice to the motherlode we went directly to it. We did not take the big ticket item in the large cache instead we settled for a pencil,book and a sketcher. We left water proof matches and a citeralla candle. Thanks again. Great job. The Delaneys

 August 25 by Domino
Wow! Someone already took A Certain Domino I left earlier today and beat me to the Log. Domino Here...I Swept in with Newby Jools and found First with ease. Will settle for searching the rest of the Clues and Locations at a later date. I definately want to have a $50 plus item to add to the Last Stash. Took Harry Connick Jr. Wish I would have ran into the other Cacher that had to be right behind me(us). A great addition to week of fabulous Caches all over Florida on one of my End of Summer Adventures. And...since I am a Marine...location is everything. Thanks for a beginning to yet another soon adventure. Left a Domino(obviously it's not there anymore which is great-let me know if you get others I have left), Sunglass Holder, Signature Smiley, and Roadhouse Grill Coupon. On On!! Domino /%/ Gator Hater

 August 25 by jerdee
AARRGGHHH!! So close, yet so far away. I got to the last spot at 8:00 pm and thought I would try anyway. BAD IDEA! By the time I left, I was lost for about 30 minutes and I looked like I had been beat up. It got really dark and I forgot a flashlight. I got out with the light of my cell phone. I will return, but earlier in the day. I found the first spot (obviously) signed the log, took nothing but a certain domino and left nothing.

 August 25 by lance303
Great combination of cache types! Had fun exploring parts we'd never had a chance to see. Took beach bank and intel doll and left travel pack of tissues, multicolor pen, and scotch tape at the first site.

We had a little bit of trouble figuring out where the final cache site was. Our calculations were off if we followed the instructions exactly. But if we did the opposite mathematical calculation on the last cordinate then we got the right location. Neat nature preserve. Had no idea it was there. We took a keychain, another beach bank, and a hackie sac. We left a boomerang toy, key holder, and a glow stick! Thanks again for the adventure!
Mo and Lance


 August 11 by Jose Gaspar
Cacher's web site
*** The original Jose Gaspar cache is back! It has been repaired and restocked. Come & Get It! 8/11/01 ****

 July 20 by KB
Wow - finally! We found it on our second trip out there. We were close last night but just didn't go far enough. Came home to redo our math. My son finally got the #s right, but he couldn't go out there again tonight so my husband & I went (we just live down the street) and we finally found it. The cache is in good shape. The only really bad thing, other than the million mosquitos was the tidal pools. Best to go out there at low tide during the hot day, then the water has a chance to dry up. Please watch out where you walk if you have the wrong #s. Last night we were close to a nesting bird and so we abandoned that spot. It was a good little trip around the tip of So. Tampa and thanks Jose' - can't wait for your next one. BTW - took the bugs, left some surprises & a pix. KBJB-Port Tampa

 July 19 by Jose Gaspar
Ole Jose checked the final cache this evening and saw that it was in great shape. A tip of my pirates cap to all of those who tried to find the cache, were thwarted, yet came back again to eventually succeed. I lift a mug of grog to ya!

Here are some tips for those of you who haven't visited yet...First, the cache is MUCH easier to find in the daylight (plus the area looks a lot less scary for the kids!). Besides, there is a lot of stuff in the cache, and you don't want to have to go through it all with a flashlight - you're sure to miss something good. Come during the day and save the night excursions for a Blair Witch-type cache (yes, Jose is thinking about planting one of those...)

Next, Jose placed this cache in a relatively easy-to-find spot. If you are walking through heavy mangroves, then you're in the wrong spot. If you are stomping through deep woods, then you are in the wrong spot. The most you'll have to walk thorough to get to the cache is some very light ground cover or branches. Jose wanted to make this a good experience for kids, too - so no extreme outdoorsmanship is necessary.

Next, if you come after a heavy rain, be sure to bring watersocks, sandals or shoes that you don't mind getting wet or muddy. I check the cache every couple of days and know how to get to it without getting my feet wet. You may not be so lucky.

Lastly, check your math carefully when you calculate the clues. Sheesh, some of you almost ended up in the middle of Tampa Bay! :-)

That's enough hints for now. Have fun and good luck, matey! -Jose


 July 18 by Viking 26
Revisited the site with Mustang Marty and this time we found the mother lode!!!! It had just rained and the flats were like a river. A great hunt!!! (Thanks to Steve G. for the additional hints.)

 July 17 by BeaSSt
There may be some spoilers reveiled in this log!
Don't read it if you don't want to know.

This was our first cache so we probably did some extra fumbling around. We started Saturday evening, 7/14. Our team consisted of Sandy, Susan and me (Marv). The first part went easy enough although we didn't take the best route. We started at the bridge and followed the coastline around until we found the end of the walkway. The no-see-ems were thick and are immune to mosquito spray. We took the giant paperclip and left a poncho. The clues on the historical markers went well too. Having lived here since birth, I knew where most of them were, just not the pertinent dates. We were a little confused when we calculated a 4 digit number that was supposed to go in a 3 digit slot so we started by rounding off a digit. We looked for the final cache on Sunday, 7/15. When we couldn't find the final cache, we tried shifting the numbers over one place and that put us a few hundred feet over (the wrong way). There had been recent rain so we were slogging through ankle deep mud and we went too far, into waist high sawgrass. We had Skin-So-Soft on to keep the no-see-ums at bay but it didn't stop the hordes of mosquitos. If you go too far into the woods, there's evidence of recent homeless occupation. A pallet set up off the ground with a sodden sleaping bag, a tire hanging from a branch with 'ho ho ho homeless' painted on it and 'SAVE US!' spelled out with small stones on the side of a hill. There was a tree spray painted day glow orange with an orange plastic jug hanging from it that gave us false hope that we were heading in the right direction. Even after de-scrambling the clue, we didn't find it, confusing a large bushy hill for what we were supposed to be looking for. We gave up after a couple hours. I went back solo Monday evening and took a more rational view of where a fun cache might be hidden. I spotted it after only 15 minutes but left it alone until I could get the rest of the team there. We all went back Tuesday evening, 7/17 and after telling the team what side it was on and reminding them of the scrambled clue, they found it in no time. We took two pictures, the alligator lighter and left a red flashlight. All in all, a fun hunt and we look forward to more. We're planning a cache of out own but will probably change the team name by then.


 July 16 by Viking 26
Visited by Viking 26 and Mustang Marty. A great and challenging cache. Jose Gaspar obviously put a lot of effort into this project!!!!! We found the first cache and followed all of the clues to the last cache. Unfortunately it started to rain after we go there, so we'll have to go back. A great experience!!!

 July 15 by dungbeetle3
WARNING******* While we were out there, some fisherman tried to tell us the cache was stolen. Fortunately, mom and I always take a look for our selves, and did find the first part of the cache. It is still in great condition too, so just be careful while out there.

 July 12 by KB
We found part one - we know the location of all the clues and will go there another night and find the 2d cache. This one was tricky because we didn't want to believe our GPS. So we decided to leave and go to Weedon Island and find the cache there - which we did. Then we came back and went right to this cache. Of course, by now it was dark. So we decided one night next week we will go and find the rest of the clues and the cache. I think I know where it might be anyway - at least in what area - we shall see. Good job Jose! Dan-Kar

 July 10 by Venturous625
Great cache! i bought my girlfreind and her friend along this time. we meet SteveG and compared notes. I had the wrong date so it put us in the thickest part of the woods. the girls are troopers, they seached the place up and down till shelly found it. we are now putting one togther for the largo/ clearwater area.

 July 10 by steveg
Combines real and virtual caches to make one great Cache! The hardest part was finding the final cache. I had the right coordinates, but just couldn't seem to locate it in the rain. I took a break and when I came back, I found Venturous625 there with 2 friends - and they couldn't find it either. We compared corrdinates, fanned out and Shelly found it in 5 minutes. We recorded it as a joint find in the cache log and took 2 pictures. I left a multi-purpose screwdriver and took nothing. Way to go Jose'

 July 8 by Venturous625
Well, I have a few tips for everyone....Do not start this cache after 8:00p.m. Even with 2 people you can not find the last cache!!! We got to the area of the last cache at 10:15. My girlfriends words where you say its in where, ya right see ya later I am staying here!!! but i got her in there but after a hour of searching she made me give up. I will be back on tuesday during the day time. This is a great cache so far we need more like this. Venturous625

 July 8 by faithwalker
A true treasure hunt. The trip was well worth the persistance. After a miscue in the beginning we were well on our way, what an enjoyable hunt. All the clues were very interesting and helpful. Anyone who has an afternoon to spend would do very well to find this cache. If this was only your first, I can't wait for the next one. Cache 1 we took cards and left a mini pen set and a mini address book. Cache 2 we took laser pointer and dog leash and left mini pinball game, disney cruise pin, pez dispenser, 2 bead dogs (made by Catwoman) and a bowling key ring. Truly a worthy cache. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon. Oh yeah I neglected to write the day and time on the log so I will do it here. It was Sunday 7/8/01 at 3:15 at the first and 5:00 at the second. Good Caching and may your sats be always in view.

...Faithwalker and DaMama...

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